Pathway Overview

The TA2BA Pathway matches our people with external funding opportunities for earning a bachelor’s degree.  Assistant teachers, Athenaeum staff, and any instructional employee who has not yet earned a bachelor’s degree can take advantage of this opportunity.

At the present time, these external funding opportunities only exist in Arizona, and so are only available to Arizona employees.

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Funding Summary


Source of Funding Funding Amount At Which Institution? Which Program? Who is Eligible?
Arizona Teachers Academy 100% Tuition ASU, NAU, and U of A Undergraduate Education Degree with Teaching Certificate All Arizona employees seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree
Paradise Valley Community College 100% Tuition Paradise Valley Community College Early Childhood All Arizona employees who work with Kinder or younger students
Federal Pell Grants Up to $6,495 Any Any Qualifications are based on financial need as determined by FAFSA
Out-of-Pocket at Maricopa Community Colleges $85 per credit hour Any Maricopa County Community College Education Maricopa County Residents


Arizona Teachers Academy Information

Through the Arizona Teachers Academy, you can earn a scholarship that will cover the balance of tuition and fees after financial aid as you work toward a bachelor’s degree. To earn the scholarship, you must stay in good standing while in school, and after graduation, you must teach in an Arizona public school for one year for each year you received a scholarship.

Students in non-education degree paths may also qualify for the scholarship if they agree to teach after graduation.

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Q. How do I get started?

A.  Begin by speaking with your Headmaster/Supervisor about your interest.  Then call Paul Weinhold, Director of Continuing Education.  Paul will listen to your goals and help you formulate a plan based on your individual needs.


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Q. Who is eligible for this?

A. All Arizona employees can participate in the TA2BA Pathway.  This includes Athenaeum staff.

Q. How much funding will I receive?

A. Funding is dependent on your situation, which program you choose, and whether you meet the criteria for a given funding source.  For example, only people who meet financial need criteria qualify for Pell Grants, and only Arizona residents are eligible for the Arizona Teachers Academy.

Q. Is there any work commitment?

A. If you receive funding through the Arizona Teachers Academy, yes.  Each student who receives an ATA scholarship is expected to teach in an Arizona public or charter school for a length of time equal to the number of years the student received the ATA scholarship. For example, if you receive an ATA scholarship each year over a two-year period, you must then teach a total of two consecutive school years at an Arizona public or charter school. Teaching at any Arizona public or charter school fulfills this requirement.

If a student does not meet these requirements, the tuition scholarship will convert to a loan, and the student will be required to repay the total amount of the tuition scholarship. You will receive full requirements and conditions upon acceptance in the Arizona Teachers Academy Tuition Scholarship Agreement.

Q. Are online programs and/or evening courses available?

A. Yes. These vary by institution, but online coursework is available, and many programs also offer in-person learning during the evening with working people in mind.