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 Teacher Resource Portal

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Daily Lesson Outlines and more for Grammar & Writing, Literature, Phonics, and Poetry & Sayings for the following grades can now be found in the Teacher Resource Portal.


Phonics/Spelling Lesson Outlines 

All Phonics/Spelling Lesson Outlines are complete at least through Semester I for Grades K-5! New and veteran teachers alike are finding these daily lesson outlines to be very helpful.  


Courses in Development – Updates & Document Previews

While the curriculum and training are still being developed, you can preview the documents using the links provided here. (Coming Soon)

Grade 3 ELA In Development

Grade 4 ELA In Development

    • Coming Soon

Grade 5 ELA In Development

November 2021: Draft lesson outlines are now available for Literature and Grammar in grades 6, 7, and 8! Check back often for more.

Grade 6 Literature & Composition In Development

Grade 7 Literature & Composition In Development

Grade 8 Literature & Composition In Development

Learn more about helping with remaining courses to be developed.

In the mean time, check out the additional resources available below!

Additional Teacher Resources

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Spalding Resources

Resources for Spalding Phonics, Spelling, and Penmanship

ALL summer training resources can be found in the Spalding Course and K-2 lesson outlines can be found in their respective grade-level courses–all on the Teacher Resource Portal!


Manuscript Resources

Cursive Resources

Teaching Guides & Resources

Spalding Instructional Videos – Instructions for Ayres List Sections and Rule Pages

Ayres List for Automaticity – Flash Cards and Lists

Annotated Writing Road to Reading, Rules, and  Rule Pages

Mac & Tab Readers


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