Great Hearts has developed partnerships with several Institutions of Higher Education that share our commitment to liberal arts education to secure scholarships for our teachers that further reduce the cost of graduate education.  These universities and colleges have allocated scholarships specifically for Great Hearts teachers to participate in their programs, and Great Hearts works with these institutions to ensure that their programming is tailored to serve the needs of teachers in classical schools.

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Programs Overview

Partner Institutions of Higher Education
University of Dallas

Templeton Honors College at Eastern University

Arizona State University
University of St. Thomas
St. John’s College
Location Irving, TX St. David’s, PA Tempe, AZ Houston, TX Annapolis, MD
Santa Fe, NM
Approximate total price of degree $15,660 $21,000 ASU Tuition Estimator $14,100 $38,232 M.A.
$19,116 Certificate
Program Flyer Program Flyer Program Flyer
  • Quintilian Fellowship – $8,484 total cost (tuition only)
$20,000 Jaffa Graduate Fellowship

$10,000 Cook Family Graduate Scholarship

Up to $3,000 Student Success Award

More Information

50% Tuition Scholarship

$7,050 total cost (tuition only)

50% tuition scholarship
Great Hearts teachers given special consideration
$19,116 total cost (M.A.)
Program Details In-person/online; fully online option In-person/online In-person/online In-person/online; fully online option In-person/online; fully online option
Timeframe / Location
  • Classes offered on-site in Phoenix/San Antonio, or at UD’s Irving campus
  • Complete degree at your own pace (avg. 2-3 years).
  • Optional Rome summer program at UD’s Rome campus (some additional cost)
  • Two summers in St. David’s, PA with online classes during the year and practicum credit
  • Extended timetables available
  • Classes offered at ASU over the summer and during the academic year with teacher-compatible scheduling
  • Evening synchronous courses offered Fall and Spring, including compressed tracks in Fall and Spring, and Summer compressed tracks
  • Asynchronous courses available
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Thesis optional
  • 30 hours for degree completion.

a) Four summers in Annapolis or Santa Fe.

b) Four semesters online, including two summers in Annapolis or Santa Fe and two semesters online

c) Fully online

d) Two summers either in-person or online for the 18 credit certificate.

Application Link Apply (Enrollment)
Apply (Scholarships)
N.B. You must apply separately for scholarships.
Apply ASU (Application coming soon!) Apply Apply
Application Deadline Rolling Admission

Scholarship Deadlines:

Fall: June15
Spring: November 15
Summer: April 15

Rolling Admission Rolling Admission Rolling Admission Rolling Admission

Fall: February 15
Spring: November 1
Summer: April 1

Key Information

Q. Which program is right for me?

A. You can find program descriptions for each program at the links below. UD’s program has a wide range of options, with a broad focus on the traditional liberal arts; THC’s program is focused chiefly on the pedagogy of Classical Education; ASU’s program is a Great Books program with an emphasis on education and leadership; University of St. Thomas offers a broad liberal arts degree that is available online; and St. John’s College is the oldest Great Books college in the country.

Q. Will Great Hearts make any contribution toward tuition and program fees?

A. Only if you apply for funds from the Professional Growth Initiative through your campus.  Note that these funds come from your Academy’s budget, so you should speak with your Headmaster first.

Q. I am interested in pursuing external funding (e.g. grants and loans).  Does Great Hearts have any resources for that?

A. Yes!  We have a financial aid resource document available for your reference.

Q. Can I participate in any of these programs without traveling over the summer?

A. Yes.

Q. Do any of these programs have opportunities to study abroad?

A. Yes.  The University of Dallas operates a Rome program each summer worth 3 graduate credits. All Great Hearts teachers are invited to participate.

Q. Do I have any work-commitment associated with participation in the program?

A. Not necessarily. If you are grandfathered into the interest-free loan program, then you must pay it back in full before leaving Great Hearts, but you are not committed to employment for the duration and may pay off your balance at any time.  However, recipients of funds from the Professional Growth Initiative make a commitment to stay on their campus for 2 years after the completion of their degree.

Q. Am I eligible to participate?

A. Please review your campus handbook to confirm your eligibility for the Professional Growth Initiative. All Great Hearts teachers are eligible to receive scholarships from our University partners.

Q. How do I apply for these graduate program opportunities?

A. Interested teachers should complete the application process for the universities via the links below. The universities will make determinations about the scholarships that you are able to receive based upon your application.