New Faculty Orientation (NFO)

Who: New Hires*
Begins: July 14, 2021
Where: The Teacher Resource Portal (online)

New Faculty Orientation (NFO) and Training (NFT) is designed for new hires to gain a deeper understanding of Great Hearts as an organization while also preparing them for the upcoming school year. The courses offered during training are designed with pedagogy and content in mind – an opportunity to develop and hone the art of teaching. These courses will enrich both teacher and the classroom.

Keep an eye out for communications from your headmaster/academy about your academy’s specific summer training plans and details.

*Veteran teachers are welcome to re-visit topics from NFO on the Teacher Resource Portal at any time.

Annual Summit (Date)

TBA 2021

In-Service Days


Institute for Classical Education | Symposium 

Check back for more information in the fall!

Academy for Classical Teachers

The Academy for Classical Teachers (ACT) provides summer professional development classes and seminars for public and private school teachers who seek to teach in their classrooms according to the principles of a traditional Liberal Arts Education. Learn more at