We’ve created these subject pages to help you navigate curriculum resources. On a given page, you’ll find:

  • Core Curriculum Documents (CCDs) or Course Overviews by Course
    These links will take you to a folder of CCDs for your subject and region where you can read the document for the courses that you teach. These describe the network curricular defaults for Great Hearts courses, including scope and sequences.
  • Teacher Resource Portal Project Updates
    In this section, you’ll find updates or links for courses that have curriculum or training already available in the Teacher Resource Portal, or which ones are scheduled for development. To learn more about the Teacher Resource Portal Project, visit the project page.
  • Subject Resources Folders
    These folders may contain a variety of resources, ranging from faculty-donated or Great Hearts course materials to helpful websites and links for teachers, or even recordings or resources from past PD events. At the bottom of each Subject page, if we have resources available, we have provided a link to the folder containing those resources for you to browse.

If you have materials or resources that you think other Great Hearts teachers would find helpful, please send them our way at

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Teacher Resource Portal Project

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Additional Resources:

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