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All faculty can access the Teacher Resource Portal at Login credentials are the same as those used for accessing your academy email. Having trouble accessing? Let us know at

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What’s Available Now?

Course overviews, unit overviews, daily lesson outlines, asynchronous trainings, and more are available for the following courses:

View a list of all available PD Modules on the Teacher Resource Portal.
View a list of all available Curriculum on the Teacher Resource Portal.

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What’s Coming?

The following courses are currently in development. Keep an eye out for updates in the PD Newsletter–we’ll let you know when a new batch of content is available to browse!

  • Grades 3-6 ELA | Starting in April ’21
  • Grades 7-8 Lit/Comp | Starting in November ’20
  • Grades K, 4 Singapore Math | Starting in January ’21
  • Grade 8 Earth Science | Starting in November ’20

Browse a list of courses to be developed.

I’m interested in helping with this project.

  • Apply for a position as a curriculum or PD author for a course that is scheduled for development.
    See the job descriptions and upcoming courses list, and email to express your interest.
  • Apply to serve on the Beta Team Advisory Council, which reviews, tests, and provides feedback on the materials being developed.
    See the job descriptions and upcoming courses list, and email to express your interest.
  • Donate your lesson plans and course materials to help develop content.
    Simply email your content to and let us know you’d like to donate it to the course team.

Portal Team Job Descriptions
Portal Courses to be Developed