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Kindergarten ELA

Kindergarten Poetry Kindergarten Grammar Kindergarten Literature Kindergarten Phonics

U1: Traditional Nursery Rhyme

U2: Songs and Ballad

U3: Simple Action

U4: Weather

U5: Final Poem

U1: Introduction to Narration

U2: Introduction to Copywork and Naming Words (Nouns

U3: Adjectives and Using Pronoun

U4: Using Verbs and Preposition

U5: Types of Sentences and Punctuation

U1: Folktales – Some Lessons Available

U2: Tall Tales, Fables, and Legends – Some Lessons Available

U3: Fairy Tales (Overview)

U4: Children’s Literature (Overview)

U1: Single Letter Phonogram

U2: Multiple Letter Phonograms and List A-G (Overview)

U3: List H (Overview)

1st Grade ELA

1st Grade Poetry 1st Grade Grammar 1st Grade Literature 1st Grade Phonics

U1: Posture and Body Language – Some Lessons Available

U2: Speed and Clarity – Some Lessons Available

U3: Tone and Expression (Overview)

U4: Endurance and Meaning (Overview)

U1: Introducing Copywork and Narration

U2: Common and Proper Nouns, Capitalization (Overview)

U3: Types of Sentences: Statements (Overview)

U4: Types of Sentences: Questions – In Development

U5: Types of Sentences: Exclamations – In Development

U6: Types of Sentences: Commands – In Development

U7: Pronouns – In Development

U8: Review – In Development

U9: Letter Writing – In Development

U10: Action Verbs and Complete Sentences – In Development

U1: Fairy Tales – Some Lessons Available

U2: The House on Pooh Corner (Overview)

U3: Owl at Home (Overview)

U4: Aesop’s Fables (Overview)

U5: Frog and Toad (Overview)

U6: Folk Tales (Overview)

U7: Best-Loved Doll (Overview)

U8: My Father’s Dragon (Overview)

U9: Homer Price (Overview)

U10: A Bargain for Frances (Overview)

U11: Beatrix Potter (Overview)

U12: Sam the Minuteman (Overview)

U13: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (Overview)

U1: Review

U2: List A-G

U3: List H

U4: List I (Overview)

U5: List J (Overview)

U6: List K (Overview)

U7: List L (Overview)

U8: List M – In Development

U9: List N – In Development

2nd Grade ELA

2nd Grade Poetry 2nd Grade Grammar 2nd Grade Literature 2nd Grade Phonics

U1: Introduction to Poetry

U2: Robert Louis Stevenson

U1: Review Copywork, Dictation, Narration

U2: Nouns, Pronouns, Capitalization

U3: Verbs: Action, Linking, Helping

U4: Types of Sentences, Punctuation

U5: Comma

U6: Contraction

U7: Adjectives and Predicate Adjective

U8: Interjections and Conjunction

U9: Quotations – In Development

U10: Letter Writing and Review – In Development

U11: Adverbs – In Development

U12: Prepositions – In Development

U13: Synonyms and Antonyms – In Development

U14: Review and Final Evaluations – In Development

U1: Folktales

U2: The Boxcar Children

U3: Sarah, Plain and Tall – Some Lessons Available

U4: Fables

U5: Fairy Tales

U6: A Cricket in Times Square – In Development

U7: Greek Myths

U8: Little House in the Big Woods – In Development

U9: Tall Tales – In Development

U10: Charlotte’s Web – In Development

U1: Review (Overview)

U2: List K (Overview)

U3: List L (Overview)

U4: List M (Overview)

U5: List N (Overview)

U6: List O – In Development

U7: List P – In Development

U8: List Q – In Development

3-5 History

3rd Grade History 4th Grade History 5th Grade History

U1: World Geography – Some Lessons Available

U2: Ancient Rome – (Overview)

U3: Vikings – (Overview)

U4: Native Americans – (Overview)

U5: Age of Exploration – (Overview)

U6: Thirteen Colonies – (Overview)

AZ History Unit – Overview

U1: Geography

U2: African Kingdoms and Islamic Empire

U3: Middle Ages

U4: Chinese Dynasties – (Overview)

U5: American Revolution

U6: U.S Constitution

U7: Early Presidents – (Overview)

U8: Early Social Reformers – (Overview)

U1: Geography and World Lakes

U2: Mesoamerica

U3: Age of Exploration

U4: Renaissance

U5: Reformation

U6: England’s Golden Age

U7: Early Russia

U8: Feudal Japan

U9: U.S. Geography

U10: Civil War

U11: Westward Expansion Before the Civil War – (Overview)

U12: Westward Expansion After the Civil War – (Overview)

U13: Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts – (Overview)

6-8 Math

6th Grade Math: Fundamentals of Mathematics 7th Grade Math: Pre-Algebra 8th Grade Math: Algebra

U1: Operations with Whole Numbers

U2: Using Variables

U3: The Decimal System

U4: Number Theory

U5: Fractions: Definitions and Relationships

U6: Operations with Fractions

U7: Solving Equations

U8: Percent

U9: Areas and Volume

U10: Statistics

U11: Integers and Graphs – Some Lessons Available

U12: Geometric Figures (Overview)

U13: Probability (Overview)

U1: Introduction to Algebra

U2: The Decimal System

U3: Positive and Negative Numbers

U4: Rational Numbers

U5: Equations and Inequalities

U6: Geometry

U7: Ratio, Proportion, and Percent

U8: Coordinate Plane

U9: Areas and Volumes except day 11

U10: Square Roots and Right Triangles

U11: Probability

U12: Statistics

U13: Graphing (Overview)

U14: Polynomials (Overview)

U15: Difficult Equations to Solve (Overview)

U1: Solving Equations and Problems

U2: Polynomials

U3: Factoring Polynomials

U4: Fractions

U5: Applying Fractions

U6: Introduction to Functions

U7: Continuing with Functions

U8: Systems of Linear Equations

U9: Inequalities

U10: Rational and Irrational Numbers

U11: Quadratic Equations

U12: Statistics and Exponential Equations – Some Lessons Available

U13: Challenging Equations and Graphs (Overview)