The Great Hearts Teacher Career Pathway is designed to
recognize and develop teacher excellence
      thus supporting
career stability and advancement for our best talent.

This ensures excellent service to students and to all other faculty.

This project will give greater clarity to two distinct career pathways:
1) a path to academy and regional leadership
2) a path to remain in the classroom for one’s entire career

A sketch of the two paths we want to describe

Those interested in making a career at Great Hearts should see either path as viable and attractive.

What’s Happening Now?

Next steps / dates

  • The next step is to launch a project that considers a diagnostic process for teachers and headmasters to engage. Details for the coming year available by July 2019, including opportunities for teacher input.
  • Due to the everyday demands of 2020, this project was paused.
  • We have launched a teacher evaluation pilot, the next key step toward a sustainable Teacher Career Pathway.

What we have done so far:

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