Exciting professional development opportunities outside of Great Hearts are ripe for the taking when you are a teacher. Here are some options to explore, and if you hear of some opportunities that should be added, please tell us!

Ad Fiendum

A Fall 2021 issue of Ad Fiendum is coming soon! Check your inbox at the start of each month for the PD Newsletter to see updates and new releases.

Great Hearts identifies itself as a true community of learners with faculty committed to the lifelong pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful. In support of our community, this catalog provides an ongoing list of professional development programs across the country. We encourage you to look through these opportunities and consider applying. For any opportunity listed, Great Hearts faculty members are invited to apply for Great Hearts Study Funds to assist with the cost of the program and/or travel and lodging.

We update this list often so you can see what opportunities have deadlines coming soon.  Have you heard of a great opportunity that teachers should know about?  Share it with us!  

Great Hearts Study Funds

Apply for network professional development assistance funds. Great Hearts Arizona and Texas have dedicated scholarship funds to help with costs associated with those external programs advertised each year in Ad Fiendum. The deadline for submitting a scholarship application is March 15th. If you absolutely need to know if you have been awarded the scholarship before the March 15th deadline, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Also, we will reserve a very limited amount of funds for external programs that fall completely out of this application window. If an opportunity arises after March 15th, or if you have questions regarding Study Funds, please email us to apply past this window.

Tracking your professional development hours for certification purposes?

Complete the form and send it to PD@Greatheartsamerica.org.